Wine Book Club: Drinking & Knowing Things

– 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Third meeting of the Hop Yards Wine Book Club where we will be drinking and discussing Rieslings and reading about wine etiquette.
Do you want to become the most knowledgeable person in your social group about wine? Do you want to uncork a bottle of whoop-ass on every wine douche and uppity sommelier? Then according to the author, reading this book, Adapted from the hugely popular Drinking & Knowing Things blog, might be your jam.
Our wine book club brings together our owner and Sommeiler with other likeminded people and industry experts, as we read through the fifty-two specific wine recommendations from the author Michel Amon and come together once a month to taste and discuss the wines he covers. Within a few months you’ll be wine conversant and probably become the de facto sommelier of your social group.
Free to join! Just sign up at the bar or call to register and purchase your copy of the book from Amazon