Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sexual Chocolate Release

– 6:00pm to 8:00pm

On Thursday, October 25th we'll release our Foothills Brewing Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sexual Chocolate and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sexual Chocolate w/ Coffee.

We have a very small amount of both beer and will release them via a raffle system. Tickets will be handed out beginning at 6PM. One raffle ticket will be issued per person and you may enter the raffle for only one of the beers so choose wisely!

At 7PM we'll conduct a drawing with winning tickets being given the option to purchase one bottle matching their winning ticket. Should any bottles remain after all tickets have been drawn (not a likely scenario), we will remove the one bottle limit and move to a first come, first serve bases on remaining bottles.

We'll tap a choice keg or two for the event so even if your ticket isn't called, you'll have some fun beer on draft to sample!