Your neighborhood bar and more...

Starting with an idea and a phone conversation between friends, strengthened by the support of our families and the local community, the Hop Yard NC is a labor of love and a true family business. Finding a passion, making it your life's work and being able to share it with your family and with others is a great gift and we feel very lucky.

We want The Hop Yard to be not only a location to drink and buy the best in craft beer, wine and cider, but also a place that supports our surrounding local businesses and community. We aspire to be a place to come to plug into the craft beer community that has become so strong in North Carolina and to meet others with similar interests. We want to foster a casual and comfortable local bar atmosphere where you can gather with friends and family. We want to be a venue where you always feel welcome whether it is your 1st visit or your 101st and if you are a craft beer expert or someone who simply wants to come and spend time around good beer and good people. Also, being dog lovers ourselves, we are dog friendly so feel free to bring your furry family along with you for a beer. 


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See you real soon. 

Susan Barnes, Christian Stoner, Lance Rogers and the Yard Crew