Orin Swift Vs The Prisoner Wine Tasting

– 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Orin Swift’s winemaker, Dave Phinney, made the first Prisoner wine in 2000 with a 385 case production. The wine soon had a cult following and Phinney sold the Zinfandel blend and a few other labels in 2010 to The Prisoner Wine Company for $40 million. Join us as we blind taste three wines from Orin Swift and three wines from The Prisoner Wine Company side by side to determine who makes the better wines. Don’t miss this fantastic lineup and a chance to taste these high end wines !!
Bout 1: Orin Swift Mannequin vs The Prisoner Wine Company Chardonnay.
Bout 2: Orin Swift, Eight Years in the desert vs The Prisoner Wine Company, The Prisoner.
Bout 3: Orin Swift, Slander Pinot Noir vs The Prisoner Wine Company, Pinot Noir.
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